Commercial Painting

For those who are considering opening a business that offers painting services, this is a great website to use as your resource. There is plenty of information for those who want to be interior commercial painters or painters of exteriors. It is suitable for those who want to target the residential market or businesses. Some of the topics that have been covered are as follows.

What to Look For When Hiring Painters

This is a post dedicated to what clients should look for when hiring a painter. It is an excellent resource for painting businesses because it gives them an idea of what the clients will expect.


Preparing for painters is important; this post is good for clients, plus, commercial painters can use it as a guideline to give to their clients so they will be prepared for them.

Room Painting

In this post, there are some great tips about choosing rooms to paint in the house and a few suggestions for each of them.

Do It Yourself

For some, they prefer to do some of the painting themselves, and as such, they will want to follow these tips.

Exterior Paints

This is a post that suggests some of the best exterior paints that are often used in Canadian commercial painting projects. They are also applicable to homes as well. These are just a few examples as there are many to choose from.

Setting Up a Business

For those who are ready to venture into a commercial painting business, this post is going to be a good starting point.


Here the commercial painters will find some great tips for marketing their business.