Commercial Painting Business Marketing

As with any business, it has to be marketed. There are several different types of marketing campaigns that can be run for this type of business.

Online Presence

Even though this business doesn’t sell goods, it does offer services, and a good website can be very effective for this purpose. It is basically a corporate website that outlines what services the company offers. Individuals interested in the services can contact the company through an email platform that is on the site.

Online Marketing

There are many different ways that marketing campaigns can be set up to market a commercial painting business. Some ways are free and others that have to be paid for. The paid marketing that is most common is through paid ads such as pay per click.

Marketing on Social Platforms

A lot of businesses don’t realize that social network platforms are a good way to market. For example, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If the business is not running ads on these platforms, they can still market there but need to take a different approach. They need to be engaged by offering valuable information so they can build brand recognition.

Traditional Marketing

Although the internet is a great resource for marketing, traditional methods should not be forgotten about either. Flyers delivered to business entities often works well. Then, advertising in business trade magazines is another way.

Direct Marketing

The old fashioned way of beating the pavement and going around to businesses and letting them know that you offer commercial painting services is still an effective way of marketing.

It can be not very easy if you are starting your commercial painting business to try and do everything that is required to get it to grow. It often means that you are responsible for both the operational and administrative departments, and this can be a little overwhelming.