How to Do Your Own Exterior Painting

Curb appeal seems to be the real estate catchphrase of the day. Deciding to paint the exterior of your home can be a pretty ambitious venture. You want to be sure you do everything right. So here are some steps to help you get the job done right.

Step 1

Clean the exterior – having a clean surface will ensure the paint will stick properly to the exterior. Although a pressure washer is the best option, using a garden hose will work well provided you have a good spray nozzle.

Step 2

Repair any damage – once you have cleaned the exterior, walk around and look for any spots in need of repair. Make the necessary repairs; allow drying thoroughly then lightly sanding, if necessary, before starting to paint.

Step 3

Remove loose paint – walk around again and look for any loose or chipped paint that may need to be scraped off with a paint scraper or sanded smooth.

Step 4

Caulk gaps – use caulking to fill any gaps between the house and door or window trims, and anywhere that different materials meet.

Step 5

Prime, if necessary – stains or visible wood knots should be primed. If you are painting a more porous material, such as stucco, you should prime anywhere that needed repairs. If you are changing the color from light to dark or dark to light, be sure to prime.

Step 6

Protect doors, windows, lights, etc. – cover doors, windows, and lights with plastic bags or sheets, to avoid splatter. Also, use a drop cloth on the ground.

Step 7

Paint – spray paint from top to bottom in a smooth manner, and overlap each stroke by about 8 inches.

Step 8

Paint trim and doors – remove all protective coverings and, using a paintbrush, paint any woodwork or doors.

By following these steps, you should end up with the curb appeal you and your neighbors will appreciate.