How to Prepare for Interior Painters

You’ve decided your home requires a little sprucing up; a fresh coat of paint is just what it needs. You have also chosen to hire professionals. What should you do to prepare for the interior painters?

Clear the Walls

It is doubtful you will not have anything against or on your walls, so the furniture, wall hangings, and knick-knacks will need to be moved.

  • Discuss with the painters what needs to be moved and where it should be moved to.
  • Move the furniture yourself.
  • Ideally in the middle of the room is best, so everything is away from the walls.
  • Place wall hangings, window coverings, and knick-knacks on top of the furniture.
  • If picture frames or wall art will be placed back in the same place, leave the hardware in place.
  • Unplug cords or mark cords that need to remain plugged in, so the painters are alerted.

Ask About Protective Covering

It may be a good idea to ask your contractor what type of coverage they do to protect your furniture and other items. A good contractor will cover virtually everything that is not intended to be painted. Covering everything not only protects, but it also makes clean up much more comfortable.

Cabinets and Closets

Clear everything out of cabinets and closets in any room that is being painted. Placing these items in a room that is not being decorated will ensure they are kept free of paint splatter.

Dust and Fumes

Although the paints used today are formulated to give off minimal fumes, it is still a good idea to crack a window for ventilation while the painting is being done, or the paint is drying.

There are some other considerations, such as keeping pets in a safe place. However, if you follow these suggestions, it will help to make the experience go more smoothly.